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Fresh Off the Boat


Required UC: 3 per episode

A Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the 1990s.


Actors: Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang

    Season 4:

  • S4, Ep16: Ride the Tiger   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep15: A Man to Share the Night With   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep14: The Car Wash   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep13: The Car Wash   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep12: Liar Liar   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep11: Big Baby   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep10: Do You Hear What I Hear?   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep09: Slide Effect   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep08: The Vouch   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep07: The Day After Thanksgiving   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep06: A League of Her Own   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep05: Four Funerals and a Wedding   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep04: It's a Plastic Pumpkin, Louis Huang   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep03: Kids   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep02:First Day free   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep01:B as in Best Friends free   EUR   NA
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